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October 31, 2019

This installment of “Ask Nick” with Fortune Title Agency President, Nicholas Timpanaro, centers on what to expect when it comes to recording time for documents filed in New Jersey.

Question: What is the lag time between when documents are recorded and when a title rundown is ordered? In other words, what are the chances that the Deed-in-Lieu gets recorded and then our client gets stuck with some previously unknown title issue, such as a new judgment against one of the borrowers?

Nick’s Answer: New Jersey is a recordable state, which relates to first in time, first in line. Each county is different in their recording timelines, which could be same day to three weeks, depending on the county.

If you recorded a Notice of Settlement and recorded the Deed-in-Lieu within 90 days of same, you would be protected from a judgment filed within those 90 days. If the judgment was filed prior to the recording of the Notice of Settlement, it would attach to the property in question. If no Notice of Settlement was filed, then any judgment recorded prior to the recording of the Deed-in-Lieu would attach to the property.

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